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The Art of Restoring Roofs With A Paintbrush

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The Art of Restoring Roofs With A Paintbrush

What makes a home? Food on the table, running water and some insulated heating are the bare necessities for a home. Unless you’re living before federation, you’d likely consider decent furnishing, plumbing and lighting to be just as important. Each of these require some upkeep; be it through bills, regular grocery trips or otherwise. Yet, at the crux of it, a home is no more four walls and a roof. A hard and sturdy roof.

Like all things we just mentioned, your roof too will require some sweat to be maintained. It’s easy for us to take what is over our heads for granted. But the bulwark that protects you from the sky and outside elements needs a level of care to stay strong. Mildew, algae, moss and lichen are nasties that, if left unchecked, will wither and wear down your roof.

What can you do? How can you make sure that the roof above your head remains hard and sturdy? Paint.

Paint, accompanied by a pressure clean and comporting primer/sealant, will ensure the health of your roof. Our many years of roof maintenance on homes & businesses throughout northwest Melbourne and Victoria have allowed us to perfect the art of restoring roofs with a paintbrush. We can break down our process into three parts:

  • The Pressure Clean

    The groundbreaking process. Your roof will need to be expunged of any growth build-up before any primer or coat of paint can be applied. This is because, over time, plaque cracks tiles and prematurely ages metal. If merely painted over, the growth will cause further damage. A high pressure washer in the hands of a specialised roofing technician can make a roof look brand new.

  • Use of correct Primer

    The binding process. The right choice of primer/sealant is hinged upon both your roof’s material and condition. Typically, tiled roofs require a primers that protect against moisture and metal roofs require an anti-corrosive primer to ensure sheet integrity. Terracotta tiled roofs specifically require a terracotta primer whereas concrete tiled roofs generally can make do with most primers. Poorly chosen primers are likely to cause issues when paint is applied and will be worn down quicker.

  • Appropriate choice of Paint Coat

    The crowning jewel. Rather than preference of colour, your choice of paint should reflect the climatic condition your roof is prone to and the primer and/or sealer used. Our professional roofer’s choice in coat can bring out the best of a roof no matter the climatic conditions, even in Melbourne’s notoriously capricious weather.

But roofing is a herculean task to do right. Most people don’t have the time, money or expertise to proficiently clean, paint and restore their roofs. Even the most inveterate handymen are not expected to be able to perform effective roof repairs on their own houses. We are.

Based in both Sunbury and Torquay, we are starkly aware how roof degradation can bring down a home or business. Our contractors specialise in offering affordable roof restorations to homes throughout Melbourne and beyond. To make an inquiry for our services, please reach us via email @ or by phone @ 0431-581-244. We look forward to hearing from you soon